Woman Kills Husband For Planning To Marry Another Woman Following Frequent Separation

A 19 Year-old woman from Miyoro Village in Ndhiwa Sub-county, Homa Bay county,  left residents in shock after she stabbed her husband to death, claiming that the man had plans to marry a second wife.

Police interrogating the suspect of the killing/ Image: Curtesy 

The woman, identified as Lucy Anyango surrendered herself to area Assistant Chief Enosh Nyawade to escape a mob that was baying for her blood.

The area administrator told Journalists that the deceased, Michael Ondiala, had not been on good terms with his wife.

Nyawade also revealed that the incident occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday, January 4.

Reports indicates that Ondiala succumbed to injuries he sustained after being stabbed in the stomach while being rushed to Ndhiwa Hospital for treatment.

“The suspect stated that their squabbles started after they disagreed on her husband’s plan to marry another lady as a second wife,” Said Nyawade.

Anyango said the husband took the woman to their home on Tuesday evening where he insisted that she would be his second wife, a decision the suspect resisted.

The deceased is said to have beaten the woman badly after the disagreement.

“I had to escape and spend a night at my neighbour’s house as a result of the beating I was subjected to that evening. He beat me again when I went back to wash my clothes and children,” Anyango said.

The mother of two explained that the husband turned wild and the beatings were too much and he ordered her to pack her things and leave, after which she picked a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the stomach.

The  suspect said thatshe did the crime in self defence as she was being strangled and one of her brothers-in-law tried to intervene in vain.

“I had to rush to the sugarcane plantation to escape the mob that was charged towards me,” she explained.

The chief confirmed that the woman had been arrested and taken to Kobodo Police Post after some interrogation.

Further investigations shows that Anyango and the deceased had separated for a while before the altercation.

Nyawade said the suspect had left home six months ago when the two had domestic wrangles.

Apparently, the man wanted to marry a second wife because Anyango was on and off in their marriage.

He said that Anyango went back to his husband at the end of last year’s festive season when Ondiala had already made a decision of bringing in another wife.

The incident was confirmed by Homa Bay County Police Commander Samson Ole Kine who said that the body of the deceased had been taken to Manyatta Kobodomortuary as investigations commence.

“We need to seek other ways of conflict resolution instead of killing each other,” said Kine.


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