Family Distressed After ‘Evil spirits’ Fills House With Feaces Before Burning It Down In Kiambu

A family at Ndwaci village in Gatundu North, Kiambu County is in fear over an alleged attack by evil spirits.

The spirits of have been allegedly terrorizing the family of Patrick Kinyungu for weeks leaving his family members and villagers in distress.

The unseen spirits have been throwing objects at them including beating Kinyungu’s grandson with stones, strangling him and using him to cause quarrels in the family.

Kinyungu told journalists that when they cook, all the food is poisoned using large-sized white tablets, a situation that has seen the entire family last for days without a meal.

A sample of the alleged tablets the evil spirits are using to poison food.
Photo: Mathew Ndung’u

The ‘devil’ further cruelly torches the family’s clothes while in a basket, but the fire’s source has never been established.

Recently, the distraught elderly man revealed that the evil spirits openly defecated in his entire house leaving loads of foul-smelling waste.

He explained that it took him hours to clear the mess whose source is still untraced.

Speaking after their three-bedroomed house was brought down through a fierce fire allegedly from the demons when they were working at their farm, Kinyungu who did not manage to salvage anything said all his documents, those of his children and money were also burnt to ashes in the dreadful incident that has left the entire village in shock.

Puzzlingly, the family’s efforts to salvage a few items proved futile as they found the house doors strangely locked from the inside and could not successfully break in.

“For the past few weeks, we have been unable to sleep as we appear to have been visited by evil spirits. They started by strangling and beating my grandson but we got him delivered. They recently reappeared and started burning our house and clothes bit by bit until they today brought it down  in a very mysterious way. When we were trying to open the doors to secure a few things, the doors were tightly locked from the inside,” Kinyungu recalled.

“We are perturbed that the unknown spirits have been poisoning our food, that of my dairy cow and now our health has begun to deteriorate. The most challenging thing for me has been clearing the unpleasant human waste from an unknown source,” he added.

Villagers led by Margret Wambui who have been gathering and praying with Kinyungu’s family decried that the mysterious occurrences have also plunged them into confusion and terror.

A villager tries to comfort Kinyungu’s wife after she became jittery.
Photo: Mathew Ndung’u

Scared locals said they have only been whispering about the incidents over fears of being attacked.

“This is very disturbing to us and many times we don’t sleep thinking about the challenges that this family is grappling with. We are mostly concerned about our children some of whom are school-going and could suffer psychological challenges as a result,” Wambui said.

The family members and villagers called on clerics to intervene by offering deliverance to all family members, an activity they hoped would scare away the evil spirits.

The poor family also called on well-wishers to help rebuild their house saying they have nothing to reconstruct the fully damaged house.

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