DCI Takes On Serious Investigations Into Death Geoffrey Who Died At Fatxo’s Apartment

The DCI boss Mohammed Amin has acted over concerns that officers at Kasarani Police Station were dragging investigations into Jeff Mwathe’s death at DJ Fatxo’s house.

According to preliminary invèstigative report, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki expressed confidence in the team which will seek to answer numerous questions;

1. Why Fatxo went drinking with Jeff

Jeff told his mother that Fatxo wanted to hire him for an interior design job, leading to their meeting.

Detectives want to establish why Fatxo took him club hopping given their relationship seemed between that of a businessman and client.

2. Jeff’s mental status

Sleuths are also seeking to establish whether the deceased had exhibited self-harm thoughts.
This arose after Whatsapp conversations between him and his mother indicated that she seemed overtly concerned about his movement.
She demanded audio and video evidence of where he was and whom he was meeting with.

3. Nature of Jeff and Fatxo’s relationship

Another important detail investigators want to establish is the relationship between Fatxo and Jeff.
A key detail is how long the two knew each other.

4. Jeff’s relationship with 2 men at Fatxo’s apartment

On the night Jeff died, he was alongside Fatxo, three women and two men in the house.

DCI detectives are interested in establishing whether Jeff knew them before the fateful night. One of the men is Fatxo’s relative.

5. Fatxo associates’ suspicious activity before

Jeff fell CCTV footage at the apartment depicted the two men going to the ground where they seemed to be looking for something.

One of them made a call and they went back to the house. Shortly after, Jeff hit the ground. The last known video of Jeff in the house could also be used in the case.

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