Dj Brownskin Under Fire After Photo With Fatxo Emerges Amid Allegations He Neglected Wife During Death

Kenya’s popular deejay, DJ Brownskin has been trending on Sunday, February 2 after a video emerged of him allegedly watching his wife die without making any intervention last year.

This prompted netizens to express mixed reactions, some questioning the status of their marriage before the wife died.

“It is so hard to judge and tell what really happened unless we hear the other side of the story from DJ Brownskin.” Kevin Mboya reacted.

George Diano: “It’s hard being a man, you’re condemned for things beyond your control & things within your control. You’ll never get a chance to say the side of your story. If you ever find yourself in Dj Brownskin’s situation, record the evidence otherwise you will be skinned you alive.”

Geoffrey Moturi: “There is always the other part of the story. Maybe Dj Brownskin has never shared it. We have become emotional. We’ve thrown more stones, let’s hear it from the source.”

Shortly,  there emerged a photo of Brownskin and Dj Fatxo who is under investigations after a a youthful man died in an apartment the Dj Lived.

The online ‘sleuths’ however linked the photo with the allegations facing the two popular Deejays.

Viral Photo showing Dj Fatxo, Brownskin and other people.
Photo: Curtesy
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