Edna Awuor Expresses Pain After Daughter Was Excluded In Kiptum’s Eulogy

Edna Awuor who has been claiming to have had a kid with the late Kelvin Kiptum, has now shared pictures of the marathoner and her.

The 22-year-old shared, among the images, one capturing the late marathoner tenderly cradling their daughter, with a striking resemblance between father and child evident in every feature.

Edna Awuor Otieno on Thursday sought legal recognition for her child and herself as beneficiaries of Kiptum’s estate, this move now appearing to promp a legal battle.

An application by her, before Magistrate Robert Wananda, Edna sought an order to suspend Kiptum’s burial until their claims were recognized.

She further requested DNA testing to establish the paternity of her child. She said that her daughter is Kiptum’s biological offspring and, therefore, entitled to inherit from his considerable estate.

Edna however, complained that Kiptum’s family had refused to acknowledge them, even excluding the child’s name from funeral arrangements and the eulogy.

Joseph Ayalo who is Edna’s lawyer insisted on the importance of DNA testing to establish the paternity, which would determine the inheritance rights.

Ayalo warned that denying Edna and the daughter recognition would be violation of their rights. He urged the court to intervene in the matter.

Magistrate Wananda however dismissed Edna’s application, citing the advanced stage of burial preparations and the public interest in the matter. He further suggested that halting the burial could cause disruptions, considering the resources already invested in the arrangements.

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