Cristiano Ronaldo Cries After Missing Penalty, Reveals Plans To Abandon Euro Championship

Cristiano Ronaldo was in tears after missing a penalty for Portugal in extra time against Slovenia during a Euro 2024 match.

Cristiano Ronaldo during the Match against Slovenia. PHOTO: CURTESY

Despite this, he stepped up first in the penalty shootout and led his Portugal to the quarter finals.

Slovenia Goalkeeper saving Ronaldo’s penalty. PHOTO: CURTESY

“As you saw, I missed the penalty but I also wanted to be the first to score, you have to take responsibility when the team should.“You can’t be afraid, I’ve never been afraid to face things head on, sometimes I get it right, sometimes I don’t get it right, but giving up is something you’ll never hear from my name,” he said.

Cristiano Ronaldo reacting after missing the penalty against Slovenia. PHOTO: CURTESY

Ronaldo also confirmed that EURO 2024 will be his last ever Euros.

Cristiano Ronaldo speaking after the match between Portugal and Slovenia. PHOTO: CURTESY

“This will be my last Euro, of course. But I’m moved by this, I’m moved by enthusiasm. I was sorry for the fans. I’ll always give my best for this shirt, whether I miss it or not. And I’ll do this my whole life. You have to take responsibility,” the superstar said.

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