Police Commander Dies At Police Station After Accidental Shooting In Migori

Superintendent James Mugo Kabachia, the Kuria East Sub County Police Commander, tragically died after a pistol he was handling allegedly discharged a bullet, fatally injuring him at the Kegonga Police Station in Migori County.

Police reports reveals that the incident took place around 4 pm on Monday July 1, 2024 as Kabachia was receiving a Beretta pistol from the station’s armoury.

While conducting the routine safety checks on the weapon, which was loaded with 15 bullets, the firearm unexpectedly discharged a single round.

The bullet struck Kabachia in the right thigh, exiting through his right buttock and hitting a critical vein.

The Colleagues who were at the scene immediately rushed to provide first aid, but the injury was severe, and the police commander began to bleed excessively.

He was swiftly transported to the nearby Kegonga Sub County Hospital, where the medical team fought to stabilize his condition.However, due to the gravity of the wound and the significant blood loss, the decision was made to transfer him to the larger Migori County Hospital for more specialized treatment.

Unfortunately, the Superintendent succumbed to his injuries upon arrival at the Migori County Hospital.

The local authorities confirmed that he had passed away due to the fatal gunshot wound and the resulting hemorrhage.

The officer in charge of the armoury who had issued the weapon to Kabachia, among other witnesses will be interviewed as part of the probe.

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