Inside Treasonous Allegations Which Could Prompt Exhumation Of Rex Masai’s Body

Barely few days after an emotional burial of Generation Z’s hero, Rex Masai, eyes are on government as Rex’s body is reportedly likely to be exhumed and reburied.

Rex Masai’s Grave with Kenyan flag on the casket

The youthful man was shot during peaceful anti-financebill demonstrations while holding a Kenyan flag.

Rex Masai who was shot dead during Anti-Finance-Bill demos. PHOTO:CURTESY

During his burial in Machakos, the hero was buried with a Kenyan flag atop his body’s coffin, something that has spiked conversation in the country.

Embakasi East Mp Babu Owino speaking during Rex Masai’s burial. PHOTO: CURTESY

A section of Kenyans terms it insensitive and wrong for a normal Kenyan citizen to be buried with a national flag.

Experts have guessed that the body is likely to be exhumed, flag removed and reburied as any other Kenyan citizen.

Also, the key personel involved in burial of Rex’s body with Kenyan flag might also face a treason sentence under relevant articles of the constitution.

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