Police Impounds Toyota Landcruiser TX Transporting 6 Bags Of Bhang In Kisii

Officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) seized a Toyota Land Cruiser TX that was being used for transporting six sacks of bhang (146Kgs) along the Kisii -Migori highway in Kisii County. 

The DCI, in a statement on monday July 8, 2024, reported that one suspect was arrested during the incident.

“A 42-Year-Old man found trafficking 146kg of bhang along the Kisii-Migori highway wyesterday arrested, after a hot pursuit by Kisii law enforcers who had gotten wind of his illicit trade,” DCI reported.

A Toyota Land Cruiser TX  of registration number KDG 508E with two occupants was intercepted by the officers after mounting a roadblock at the Iyabe Bomokora area.

The officers reported that the driver of the vehicle escaped on foot and disappeared in nearby bushes at the same time.

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