President William Fires All Cabinet Ministers And Attorney General, Spares Mudavadi And Deputy President

President William Samoei Ruto has dissolved the cabinet, dismissing all the ministers and the Attorney General.

The president has however spared Prime Cabinet Secretary Musali Mudavadi and deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

The ministries will now be under stewardship of the Principal Secretaries.

“I have today, in line with the powers given to me, decided to dismiss all the Cabinet Secretaries and Attorney-General, except for the Prime Cabinet Secretary,” President William Ruto said in his address to the Nation.

President William Ruto has said the radical measures announced today and those that will be announced later will make the Kenyan government lean, inexpensive, effective and efficient.

Ruto indicated that his new move targets to address the issues such as;
1. Debt burden
2. Raising domestic resources and revenues
3. Expanding job opportunities
4. Eliminating wastage
5. Slaying the dragon of corruption

In reaction to the step taken by the head of State, Senator Edwin Sifuna says that the move is a solid start.

“Sacking all the Cabinet Secretaries is a solid start.” Sifuna said.

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