“Your Excellency My Education Is Still Down,” Dp Gachagua Urges President Ruto to Give Him Chance To Study

Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua on 21 Dec 2022 urged President William Ruto to grant him some time to further his studies.

“Kwa hile kazi nimepewa na rais, masomo yangu iko chini kidogo,” said Rigathi.

The Second in command said that sometimes he faces challenges attending meetings where other government officers are more educated than him.

While speaking during the official opening of the National Police leadership Academy in Ngong, Gachagua confessed that he gets embarrassed in meetings where one of his senior colleague is a professor.

“Your Excellency my Education is still down. You will grant me permission when my work has decreased so that I can further my Education. Also one of my colleagues is a professor,” Gachagua said.

Dp Rigathi Gachagua and President William Ruto/ PHOTO: CURTESY

Comparing his Education level to thaf of the president, Gachagua revealed the hardships he faces as he works with him due to the academic gap between them

“Based on the work the president has given me, my education is very low. I have one degree yet the president has three making my job hard,” he revealed.

Gachagua in addition urged police officers to further their education, claiming that they are always a laughing stock when they make public remarks.

“Kenyans are always laughing at our officers especially when they are trying to talk about a crime scene because they do it in an embarrassing manner,” he said.

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