Couple Escapes Death After Criminals Put House On Fire While Asleep

Residents of Ng’ong’i Village, Kithimu Ward Embu were left in shock after Unknown criminals attempted to burn a house in a homestead while a couple was asleep in the house.

House Torn By Flames/PHOTO: CURTESY

According to Beatrice Wanjiru, a daughter of the affected couple, the incident happened at around 2 AM on the night of December 25, 2022.

Beatrice Narrated that the criminals who fled after putting the house ablaze had a 20 Littres of Petroleum, poured it on the house and put the house on fire.

“walikuja saa nane za usiku wakiwa na mtungi ya 20ltrs ya petrol wakamwagia nyumba alfu kuwakisha,watu waliamshwa na moto,” Beatrice told Prone Tv.

However, no one was hurt as the neighbours who were waken up by the sounds of the fire rescued the couple.

Neighbours and friends have been suggesting that the suspected criminals were targeting to harm the couple.

The criminals have not yet been known, as residents of the ward laments of Insecurity in the region, blaming the police officers of luxity.


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