Fresh details on Edwin Chiloba’s Murder Emerges

Popular model and LGBTQ champion Edwin Chiloba was on Friday November 6, 2022 found dead and his body stored in a box.

Late Edwin Chiloba’s last moments / Image: Curtesy

The caretaker of the residential place where Chiloba lived alleged that Chiloba’s best friend identified as Jackton Odhiambo had been spotted with the metallic container in which the model’s body is thought to have been stored after the killing.

“The neighbours saw the box being brought down the stairs. He (Edwin’s friend) had been seen with the box,” The Caretaker told Journalists.

The late Edwin’s friend, Jackton Odhiambo who reportedly has been his roommate was taken to Langas Police Station as officers continue with their investigations.

The caretaker also said that the deceased had stayed at the premises for more than a year, and  was a peaceful person.

“He moved in towards the end of 2021.” He explained.

“We have never had issues with him. The neighbours say he was a peaceful guy,” he said.

A neighbour revealed that they returned from a night out and had a fight. One person screamed before things got quiet.

The alleged caretaker of Chiloba’s residence/ Image:Curtesy

Another neighbour, identified by the caretaker as Steve, said that he had seen Jackton carrying the box in which Chiloba’s remains were found.

He added that after Chiloba went missing, Jackton continued using the deceased’s phone with which he made mobile money transactions and several communications.

The caretaker also visited the Langas police station to record a statement. “I called the OCS who asked me to show up today. I met with his friends at the station. They said the box they saw in the house was the one that came down at night. They saw it clearly. The one who had carried was Jackton, according to what they shared with me,” the caretaker told the human rights activists who were following up on the matter.

The caretaker further revealed that Chiloba and Jackton’s neighbours had confided in him how the two sometimes fought.

On January 4, the caretaker said one of Chiloba’s neighbours informed him about an unpleasant smell which Jackton said was of a rat which had  died under one of their seats.

According to reports, Jakton later alleged that he had removed the dead rat from under the seat, but only the odour had been left.

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