Complex Details Emerges Odhiambo Was Husband To His Wife’s Wife

Jackton Odhiambo who confessed of Killing his gay ‘wife’ Edwin Chiloba will be taken to court today as Kenyans mourn the death of the LGBTQ Activist.

Jackton Odhiambo and Edwin Chiloba sharing a drink.
Image: Curtesy

As police arrests four other suspects, Kenyans have been left to interpret in different ways, the then love bond of Late Chiloba, Odhiambo and an unidentified woman who has been seen on the viral photos circulating online.

Unverified rumours have suggested that Chiloba had been married to a woman, who was later taken by Odhiambo, with Chiloba still being married to Odhiambo.

The rumors further alleges that since Chiloba could not be impregnated, Odhiambo impregnated the said woman and sired a child.

However, other reports indicates that the two gays shared the woman.

Jackton Odhiambo with A Woman Believed To Be Chiloba’s Wife.
Image: Curtesy

As a large section of Kenyans condems the LGBTQ gay-gay relationship, some prominent personalities have come out to condemn the killing, suggesting that the crime was not whatsoever based on the victim’s sexual believe and orientation, but was based on love just like other killings which involve a woman and a man.

Late Edwin Chiloba.
Image: Curtesy

The family of Edwin Chiloba recieved the news of their son’s demise with grief, but however said that they knew him as a Christian who believed in God and conducted himself well. They further described that Chiloba was a religious leader during the time when he was in highschool.


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