Socks, Other Materials Used To Suffocate Edwin Chiloba To A Painful Death

Fashion designer and LGBTQ Activist Edwin Chiloba was suffocated to death, autopsy results now indicates.

Edwin Chiloba (left) and Jackton Odhiambo ((right).
Image: Curtesy

Jackton who is the main suspect in the case had confirmed that he killed the LGBTQ diehard for infidelity against their marriage.

Speaking to the press after conducting the autospy, Government pathologist  Johansen Oduor revealed that Chiloba had no physical injuries.

Oduor said  that Chiloba had died due to lack of oxygen, even though more tests need to be conducted to determine whether the victim was dragged to the scene where his body was found.

“Hatukupata majeraha yoyote kwa mwili wake ndio maana tukachukua samples kwa mwili wake ili tujue mbona hakuwa anaresist wakati alikuwa anafanyiwa vile,” said Dr Oduor.

Owuor also said that they found three pieces of socks stuffed into Chiloba’s mouth, which could have cut off his breathing process.

They also found a pair of denim pants covering his mouth and nose.

“Pia tulipata alikuwa amewekwa socks kwa mdomo ili kufanya ikuwe ngumu kupumua,” Dr Oduor added.

Oduor also dismissed claims that Chiloba’s eyes had been gouged out. He says that due to decomposition, those who first saw the body might have confused sunken eyes with removal.

Late Edwin Chiloba: Image: Curtesy
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