Mau Mau Remnants Demands Over Ksh54 Quadrillion From British Government

Some Mau Mau war veterans are urging the Government to process as fast as possible the compensation of Ksh54,802,258,784,000,000 (364 trillion British pounds) by the UK government over the torture subjected to them during the struggle for independence.

Led by the National Chairman of Mau Mau Trust Ngacha Kariuki, while addressing the media said that the amount aforementioned would be helpful in offsetting the country’s ballooning debts and assisting families affected during the colonial periods.

“I want you to know that it is 364 trillion British pounds… This is what the British government has in record, and I have also sought other records because I know Britain has paid similar amounts before,” he said.

“Hii pesa inaweza lipia serikali deni yote na pia watu wa Kenya wapate haki zao. We want our people together with their kids to be paid… the letter that I have written includes our children,” he added.

Ngacha also said that the group had lodged a petition seeking compensation, and that former speaker Justin Muturi supported the motion.

“We have taken this matter to parliament, in 2014 and 2015…. One of the people who supported this motion is the former speaker, Justin Muturi,” he said.

“I have gone back to parliament with the motion and asked the speaker to remember what he said in the 9th page of 2015’s Kenya’s hansard,” he suggested.
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