Kithimu: Shock As Thives Break Into Shop As Owner Sleeps Inside, Steals Ksh80,000

Residents of Kithimu ward Embu have been left in disbelieve after a shop was broken and property stolen while the owner was sleeping in the shop.

Door Through Which Thieves Gained Entry Into Shop.
Photo: Prone Tv (Original)

According to a neighbour, it is believed that the thieves Sprayed a chemical to the shop owner as well as the neighbours, such that they did not hear the sounds of the door as the thieves broke it.

Premises Which Houses The Broken Shop.

Photo: Prone Tv (Original)

The neighbour also alleged that the criminals took away Ksh80,000 Cash and mobile phones from the shop which retails phone accessories and offers Mpesa services.

Shockingly, the door to the shop had only one small opening which the thieves broke so as to unlock the door.

Police officers have however launched investigations into the incident.

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