Gachagua Orders Mount Kenya Towns To Have Only One Bar Each

The Deputy President of Kenya, Rigathi Gachagua has told provincial administration officers to crack down on illicit liquor in the Mount Kenya region.

Rigathi claimed that alcoholism and drug abuse had become a menace in the region, and has been taking away the young in society. He called on county governments to regulate the issuance of licenses for bars and restaurants, saying that abuse of especially illicit liquor has reached worrying levels and threatens to clear a generation of the youth.

“We shall not accept a situation where youths are being killed or become unproductive because of consumption of illicit alcohol. The administrators must eradicate alcoholism and drug abuse. The Ruto Administration will not negotiate on this unfortunate matter. All administrators must return to their jobs now as alcoholism is becoming a menace now and this situation must be dealt with decisively,” he said.

Speaking in Murang’a during the launch of the County’s bursary program, Rigathi  further directed that legislators must give one licence per town and close the others that will be opened at 5pm and closed at 11pm.

He also warned provincial administration officers against participating in politics and instead heighten efforts to contain the situation of consumption of illegal alcohol and other drugs in the region. “County commissioners and police have to swing into action and eradicate alcoholism. The administrators were used by the former regime in campaigning for changes in the Constitution and Azimio. Their work is to assist the people not to participate in politics. Their work now includes driving tree planting programs,”  said Gachagua.


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