Matatu Rams On Lorry At Kambiti Killing Three

A matatu that was trying to overtake a lorry  unfortunately crushed after ramming into the lorry along at Kambiti, claiming the lives of three people.

Reports claims that the matatu was ferrying muguka when the accident happened along the Kambiti kwa Muthike area in Murang’a County.

Wreckage of an accident at Kambiti. Photo: Sikika Road Safety

“It is sad to lose three lives like this because it would have been avoided,” Sikika Road Safety complained.

Due to the collision impact, the matatu was completely squashed, as witnesses said that the muguka leaves were seen scattered on the seats and the floor of the vehicle as well as blood stains on both vehicles.

However, it was not disclosed how many people were in the matatu and the lorry itself.

This comes barely a week after the Saturday, January 21,  accident involving a lorry and a personal service vehicle which killed several passengers at Makuyu Kambiti area along the Kenol-Marua highway.


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