Mary Mother Of Jesus Reportedly Seen In Gitararu, Embu

The residents of Gitararu village, Runyenjes Sub-county,  Embu East were subjected to shock on their eyes after seeing what they believe was Mary, The Mother Of Jesus Christ.

Speaking to Prone Tv, a witness recalled that Mary Mother Of Jesus appeared to a homestead where believers had gathered to hold prayers on Monday, January 30, 2023.

Crowd struggling to see Mary Mother Of Jesus

According to the witness, the crown prayed and worshiped  intensely, and amid the spiritual session of prayers, they saw a wonderful woman descending from above and rested on a wonderful place infront of them.

The crowd continued worshipping as the woman cought up with them and worshipped with them. The witness also said that “She was enjoying and dancing to Catholic songs.”

The witness said that Mary would be seen ascending when people made so much noise, and when they calmed down she would return.

Rays of light seen on apparance of Woman Believed To Be Mary Mother Of Jesus.
Image: Curtesy

The crowd identified the womanvas Mary due to her dressing, which resembled the ones they see in pictures and arts  which are believed to represent the real image of Mary Mother Of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Northern Israel.

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