Ruto Tells Raila To Face Him Personally As Azimio Confirms Dimonstrations On Monday

President William Ruto today  told Raila Odinga that he is supposed to counter him but not the common citizen.

President William Ruto.
Photo: Curtesy

“Huyu mzee ni mimi ndio nilimnyorosha asubuhi na mapema. Na niliwaambia. Saa hii, hutaki kuniface. Unaenda kusumbua mama mboga, makanga na watu wa boda boda, hawafanyi kazi kwa sababu ya maandamano. Stop the arrogance. If you have issues, deal with me. Forget about ordinary mwananchi. Wacha kudharau wananchi. Kama uko na maneno, wewe menyana na mimi.

“Uchaguzi imeisha. Hata usikuje kunipotezea wakati. Jipange 2027. Na hiyo 2027, nitakuwa nimejipanga mbaya sana. Wacha hii. Kwanza hiyo 2027, hata yeye kupata agent itakuwa ngumu sana,” He said.

Raila alleged that there are politicians who wants to wants to record videos and sue him in ICC.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga.
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The Azimio Principal claimed that the Deputy President is planning to use rowdy youths to beat up Azimio protesters and disrupt their peaceful procession.

He further said that MPs Ndindi Nyoro and Kimani Ichungwah were part of the strategic meeting that was allegedly held at the DP’s Karen residence.

“They will mix with our youths and accompany them throughout the demonstrations and at the end of it they are going to be armed. They will not only be carrying stones, knives, and machetes but they will also be having guns,” Odinga alleged.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. Image: Curtesy

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has however dismissed the claims terming them baseless and unfounded.

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