Kisumu Residents Insists They Will Protest Despite Ban By Nyong’o

A section of Kisumu residents have insisted that their planned protests will continue tomorrow as planned.

Dismissing governor Anyang Nyongo’s ban on the protests, they argued that the demonstrations had been called for by Raila and not the governor.

They stated that the governor failed to give them a compelling reason to call off protests in the city.

“Tumesikia vile Nyong’o amesema ati kesho. Hajatuambia kwa nini kesho hakuna maandamano. Raila ndio aliita hii maandamano. Raila akisema tunaenda maandamano tunaenda peaceful. Kama hataki tusiende, atuambie reason why hataki maandamano,” one of the residents said.

Lamenting that they had already planned to hold their peaceful procession  the uncompromising residents vowed that they would not change until Raila tells them.

The residents added that their intention was not to protest in Kisumu’s Central Business District (CBD) but had planned to do so in their residential estates.

“We’ve just heard the news that the governor has suspended the demonstrations that were announced by prime minister Raila Odinga. As the people of Obunga, our intentions was also not to demonstrate in town. We will respect the opinion of the governor but we are also telling the governor that we had planned for this demonstration,” another resident claimed.

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