Man Kills Mother Shortly After Imprisonment Due To Another Murder

A Middle aged man left residents of Bula Ali Maow, Wajir County in dismay after killing his own mother.

At around 11 am, May 28, he attacked his mother with a machete, slashing her several times around the neck.

The area Chief reported that he was called by residents immediately but by the time he arrived, the mother had already passed on.

“By the time I came with police officers, the mother was already dead,” he said.

The man, who is mentally ill, has also been associated with three other killings.

Residents at the scene. PHOTO: CURTESY

A month ago, the man was released from prison after killing a young man in the same area.

According to the Chief, the offender has a history of violence.

“He has committed several murders in the past years and was just released from prison,” the chief said.

The body of the deceased has been moved to the Wajir General Hospital mortuary.

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