Man Reveals He Bought Pistol Which Killed Tom Mboya

Ndwiga Kathamba from Runyenjes, Embu County disclosed that he bought the pistol which took away the life of freedom fighter Tom Mboya.

92-year-old Kathamba Muruathika, also known as Ndume, told The Nation that he is bound to the secrecy oath he took ago, but he feels he should not go to the grave without disclosure of some deem dark secrets he has kept for over 55 years.

The hitman alleged that the plot to eliminate Mboya was hatched by a powerful clique of high ranking government officials from Kiambu considered very close to the powers that be at the time.

Ndwiga, who has been ruled by Five presidents, despite his advanced age, revealed, still withholding crucial information on what transpired since struggle for independence.

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