Three Arrested For Involvement In Unsuccessful Abortion Resulting To Death Of Young Woman

A man who reportedly assisted his wife in an unsuccessful abortion procedure which unfortunately led to her death is charged with murder alongside two suspected unprofessional doctors who conducted the process.

Two of the suspects Involved in Abortion crime/ Image: Curtesy

Starehe DCI detectives launched the investigations after discovery of the lifeless body of a middle aged woman along Outering road on new year’s eve, wrapped in a white bedsheet.

The body had been dumped in a water tunnel near Shell petrol station along the busy road, preliminary findings indicating that the body may have been murdered elsewhere and dumped at the scene by unknown people.

A doctor identified as Richard Orambo who operates a clinic known as Watergate Medical Centre at Mathare Area 1 is one of the Main suspects in the abortion fate.

Orambo, in consultation with another doctor, Francis Messo who is said to run Busanzi health clinic in Dandora phase 4, had tried in vain to procure the abortion but when the patient developed complications, they opted to rush her to another backstreet clinic in Kiambu.

It’s also reported that while on their way to Kiambu that the patient lost her life and the trio dumped her body in the storm water tunnel in a bid to cover their tracks.

Detectives have since arrested the two alleged doctors and the deceased’s husband, identified Richard Onyango who payed for the  exercise.

The three are currently being interrogated against charges of murder.

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