40 People Perish In Nepal Plane Crash

At least 40 people have died after a plane with 72 people on board has crashed in central Napal, officials have reported.

The Yeti Airlines glight from Kathmandu  to the tourist town of pokhara crashed on landing and cought fire.

The plane had 68 passengers including 15 from foreign Nations and four crew members.

Nepalese Soldiers have initialised the rescue at the crash site in the george of the  Seti River which is one and a half Kilometres from the airport.

“We expect to recover more bodies”, an army spokesman said, adding that the plane has “broken into pieces,”

A viral video of the plane crash shows thick black smoke with burning debris. An aircraft is also seen flying lower over a populated area and finally spinning sharply.

The Prime Minister of Napal, Pushpa Kamal Dahal called an emergency meeting with his cabinet and urged state agencies to work on rescue operations.

53 of the passegers were said to be Nepalese. Five were Indian, Four Russians and two Koreans. Ireland, Australia  Argentina and France among other countries had a passenger each on board the crashed plane.

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