Embu In Danger Of Famine As Maize Plants Dry Up

Residents from some sections of Embu County are now in danger of experiencing famine as maize crops are drying up prematurely.

Drying Maize plants in Embu.
Photo: Prone Tv (Original)

Despite the season being disrupted by irregular rainfall, the fate of the situation has met the county at the same time when the Nation is facing food shortage.

The season which is highly expected to yield, has seen beans and potatoes experiencing stunted growth. Beans and potatoes are normally expected to be ready for consumption in December.

Maize plants are expected to be ready for consumption by January, but in this season they are yet to yield in most Embu regions.

However, in early January  2023 a short rain which rained for few days had given hope to farmers by saving the plants from early deaths.


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