Phenomenon Of Two Rivers In Georgia Whose White And Black Waters Do Not Mix Up

The white Aragvi and the black Aragvi rivers in Georgia which attracts masses of tourists have their own color, the rivers do not mix up and look like a black-white stream.

The White Aragvi flows from Gudauri down to the town of Pasanauri, where it is joined by the Shavi Aragvi ‘Black Aragvi’, the main river of Gudamakari to the north-east. From Pasanauri, these two rivers continue to flows as a single one known as ‘the Aragvi’.

A close view of the Aragvi River. Photo: Curtesy

The Aragvi is a 112 kilometers (70 mi) long river in Georgia on the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. From Pasanauri, the Aragvi flows south-east to the Jinvali Reservoir, where it is joined by the Pshav Aragvi before flowing south to merge with the Mtkvari by Mtskheta, Eastern Georgia’s ancient capital, north of Tbilisi.

The Distinct colours of waters in Aragvi River. Image: Curtesy

Also, the Aragvi river covers an area of 2,740 square kilometers (1,060 sq mi). It’s ground strata are mostly sandstone, slate, and limestone.

The Zhinvali Dam (102-meter (335 ft) high) is a hydroelectric dam constructed on the Aragvi River in the Caucasus Mountains in Zhinvali, Georgia.

Zhinvali Hydroelectric Power Plant has two turbines with a nominal capacity of 65 MW each having a total capacity of 130 MW and the waters of the Aragvi feed down a 36.7 kilometer (22.8 mi) pipe to provide drinking and irrigation water in Tbilisi.

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