Eric Omondi, Oga Obinna Fights In Kiss Fm Studio Over Disagreement

Eric Omondi’s visit to Kiss Fm today ended up with a drama between him and Kiss Fm’s Oga Obinna as the two comedians engaged in a battle of wills that ended in a tussle between the two of them and their security persons.

Screengrab of Eric Omondi, Oga Obinna and Kwamboxx during today’s breakfast show.

The drama started after Eric claimed that there was no comedian who could be compared to him in the African continent at the momrnt.

“Is there any comedian who can compare with Eric Omondi currently?, he proclaimed.

However, Obinna said that very many comedians in the scene were handily beating him.

“Wengi sana wanakutandika. Mimi…Let’s just start with me,” Obina responded.

Eric cackled at the remarks before asking Obinna whether he was really a comedian.

“You’re a radio presenter…”, Omondi smugly said.

Oga immediately told Eric that he lived in a bubble.

“I don’t know, you tell me. I am an entertainer, I do all of them. It’s none of your business.

You know you leave on your high horse calling yourself the president of comedy.  When was the last time you did a proper comedy show in Kenya?  You’re always being called in the ushago shows,” Obinna told off Eric.

“I go on tour,” Eric exclaimed after host, Kwamboxx had tried intervening to cut the tension by saying that the comedian was currently on tour.

Uncompromising Obinna reiterated that Eric’s tours were to local clubs like Tribeca. “Wapi? On tour to Kiss?” he retorted.

“You see when Ruger goes to Meru, pole sana waMeru… that is like shagz.”

“By the way I don’t co-sign that message, It’s a town,” Kwamboxx said.

Then Eric went on to list all the places he had gone on tour to, with Obinna rendering all ‘maushago’.

“I have been to 17 cities and towns in Uganda. It means that I am an actual president.”

Screengrab of Eric Omondi confronting Oga Obinna

Kwamboxx then asked the question that has been on many Kenyans lips.

“How are you able to do all these things and have time to be in people’s business?”

“Because these people’s business is my business. Wananiaibisha. There are too localised,” Eric answered.

The fierce stand-off between Eric and Obinna went on for a few more minutes before things took a left turn after Obinna questioned Eric’s sexuality because the star is constantly crossdressing.

Obinna urged him to come out of the closet, something that made Eric blow a gasket.

Screengrab of Eric Omondi and Oga Obinna struggling to fight each other

Eric consequently took matters into his own hands,  launching a brazen attack on the Kiss presenter.

Screengrab of Security men blocking Eric Omondi and Oga Obinna from fighting
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