Kithimu Market Residents Momentarily Closes Businesses For Urgent Security Concern (Video)

The residents of Kithimu ward, Embu were today directed to close their businesses to allow for an urgent security briefing by the MCA, Njagi Karuri.

This comes following increased cases of Insecurity in the area, with several business being broken into, and business owners being attacked by robbers.

Kithimu Residents during the Security Meeting.
Photo: James Mugambi

Speaking during the meeting, one of the victims, identified as Rwamba narrated how unknown robbers broke into her house with devastating weapons such as axes and ordered her to surrender her valuables, including money which she did not disclose the amount.

Rwamba said that CID officers arrived at the scene, but they were too late to rescue her as the operation took about Five minutes.

Rwamba further added that rumours had it that the robbers had on the same night attacked and badly injured other business owners elsewhere before coming to her house.

Another business owner, identified as Kithendu narrated that four armed robbers took to her home  with an intention of harming him, but his wife woke him up and he attacked, injuring one of the robbers with an arrow, before the criminals escaped.

The area Chief Luke Nyaga however said that all criminal cases reported to the police station have been delt with.

He further urged the residents to avoid fearing to disclose criminals, but report them to the police immediately they notice them.

Nyaga also complained that Kithimu Police post has no police vehicle, hence delays in response to crime scenes.

The ward MCA Njagi Karuri said that the business owners must have unity, so as to keep an eye on suspicious individuals in the market, and also notify the authorities about all criminal incidents in time.

Karuri also promised to write a statement in the office of the chief, about the state of security, and take it to Embu Women Representative, The senator and Manyatta Constituency Mp, Gitonga Mukunji for discussion of the issue in Parliament.

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