Dj Fatxo Speaks On Jeff’s Death For The First Time

Mugithi singer DJ Fatxo has spoken on the death of Jeff Mwathi who died at Redwood apartment where the singer lives.

Fatxo  speaking to journalists,  said that he tried to reach out to Mwathi’s family after the incident.

“He (Jeff) was my good friend and as my lawyer said, it’s me who went and reported. We went with Jeff to my house and then I immediately left with three ladies then later coming back after a few hours finding Jeff was not in the house and the others are there, I’m the one who went with them to the police station to report that Jeff is missing.

“About the issue that I didn’t mourn Jeff, I reached out, hata ni mimi niliambia familia yao that Jeff is no more. I actually contacted them and told them that I would have supported them wazike mtoto wao na tushikanie na wao because it was something that hata mimi inamihuzunisha. It reached to an extent nikaona sipati response venye nafaa nipate. I told my mother ‘can you please call one of the family members wakubali tushirikiane’.”

“On the other issue, I want to say that I’m willing to cooperate with the detectives until sisi sote tujue what happened to Jeff and I believe we will emerge victorious,” Said the Dj.


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