‘Jesus’ Of Tongaren Warns Against Celebrating Easter, Christmas As The Days Are Unholy

Controversial ‘Bungoma Jesus,’ Eliud Wekesa, also nicknamed Yesu Wa Tongaren or Mwalimu Yesu has claimed that Christmas and Easter are unholy practices and thus Christians shouldn’t participate in either.

The 42-year-old man explained that both holidays are celebrations brought about by colonizers and therefore Christians shouldn’t adhere to them.

“Easter and Christmas are not allowed. Why would you celebrate the death of the saviour of men? The celebrations that we see on the marked days are what the colonialists brought,” he  warned

Jesus Of Tongaren With some of his ‘Desciples’. Photo: Curtesy


Eĺiud further noted that the correct Biblical Easter is actually in August and only then will he be leading his followers in the 3-day celebration.


He said that he has lined up a three-day festival to celebrate the correct date marking Easter, as it is written in the holy books.

He instructed that on the set dates his followers would bring their fattest of livestock for slaughtering so as to ensure their Easter celebration is full of feasts.

“Wafuasi wataleta mifugo vile vya kuchinjwa ndio sherehe kubwa tutaisherehekea.” (My believers will bring their animals for slaughtering so that we can have a big feast and celebrate the ceremony,)” Eliud clarified.

He revealed that he wasn’t scared of the people threatening to crucify him on Easter as he was protected by his father’s angels.

“Jeshi la Mungu linanipa ulinzi na kazi ya Mungu inaendelea tu sawa, (the lord’s army is guarding me and the lord’s work is going on smoothly),” he said.

He also admitted to having received harassment as some people had passed by his home in the wee hours of the morning last week, throwing abusive statements his way.

Eliud who was born into a catholic household back in 1981 is the founder and leader of the New Jerusalem sect which is based in Lukhokwe village, Tongaren Constituency.

Members of the church are referred to as angels or prophets (ess) and are prohibited from using their official names.

The self-proclaimed Jesus dropped out of school while in Form One at Mukuyu Secondary School and he became a farmer.

He married at age 20 in 2001 and is a father of eight, while it’s estimated that he realised he was “Jesus” in 2009.

According to his family, Eliud got hit in the head during a family quarrel and was rushed to hospital, and It’s upon being discharged from hospital that he started preaching

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