We’re all ready and set for #MegaMonday, Declares Raila Odinga

Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga has now vowed that the Azimio anti-government protests will go on as scheduled on Monday, April 3.

Terming is as ‘Mega Monday’ Raila Took to Twitter on Sunday, saying that they are ready for the fourth peaceful protest on Monday.

“We’re all ready and set for #MegaMonday,” Raila declared.

Azimio La Umoja Leader Raila Odinga.
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Raila On Saturday, April 2 said that Monday’s demonstrations will be the ‘mother of all’ protests.

Among his demands, Odinga maintains that he won the August 2022 presidential poll but he was denied the victory.

Raila had further released a website link with presidential results alleging that he had more votes than Ruto in 2022 general elections.

“We’d like to reiterate that the collated results on this link, https://kenyaelectionresults.com, leave no room for doubt that Azimio emerged victorious in the last election. In light of this, we strongly urge Mr. Ruto to vacate his office immediately, ahead of the upcoming #MegaMonday,” Said Raila in a tweet on Saturday.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Saturday, April 2 warned those who are taking advantage of the demos to destroy property, adding that Monday will be their last day to do so.

“I want to caution those young men who have been taking advantage of the violence to steal property, to mug people to loot property, Monday is your last day to do so,” said Gachagua who was speaking at a church in Malava.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.
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Rigathi intimated that the demonstrations are no longer peaceful but have turned into post-election violence.

“The laws of this country are clear this is no longer demonstrations, this is post-election violence, mugging, theft robbery including robbery with violence, those are felonies,” he said.


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