Angola Wins First AFCON Knockout After Beating Namibia 3-0

Angola won an AFCON Knockout for the first time in history after beating Namibia 3-0 in a match which also produced two red cards, each team being reduced to ten before half time.

Gelson Dala scored twice as Mabululu confirmed the third goal to insist the victory of Angola over Namimbia, the team now becoming the first to reach the quarter-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations 2024.

 Angola’s goalkeeper Neblu was shown an early red card for handling the ball outside his area.

Namibia then lost Lubeni Haukongo to a second yellow card.

Haukongo, who was already on a yellow card, tripped the heels of Mabululu as the forward made a run in behind, and was sent off the pitch swiftly.

Namibia’s loss in their very first AFCON knockout paved way for Angola’s biggest ever AFCON win and ensured they will face either Nigeria or Cameroon in the last-eight.

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