Woman Emerges With Photos Of Her And Kiptum: “Hamuwezi elewa”

A youthful lady has left kenyans with questions after sharing photos of her and the the late Kelvin Kiptum.

The lady however fired back at reactions from internet users who asked her to respect Kelvin’s family.

The lady, identified as Jeylaa argued that people would never understand the unique relationship she shared with Kiptum and the emotional turmoil she is currently going through.

In a Facebook post by Kalenjin Betas and her subsequent response to comments, Jeylaa defended her actions revealing that Kiptum spent significant time with her, and even at a moment he asked her to post photos of them together.

“Hamuwezi elewa mahali nilitoka na Kiptum…. I think most of his time alikuwa anaspent na Mimi…. it’s so painful na respect kevo for-ever,” the lady confronted the critics.

She further  disclosed that even in their final photo, Kiptum had asked her to wear a yellow dress while he posed in a yellow sweater.

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