Man Stabs Wife To Death In Juja

Investigations have been launched following an incident where a man allegedly killed his estranged wife in the Mirimaini area of Juja, Kiambu county.

An eyewitness alleged that the man approached his estranged wife while she was visiting a woman who lived in the neighbourhood and stabbed her in the neck.

Reports indicates that the victim ran into a friend’s house, but the man overpowered her and continued to stab her inside the friend’s house until she died.

Neighbours, as they intervened, the suspect attempted to  take away his life by cutting his throat but was stopped.

The man claimed that the wife was planning to leave him and that he had been attacked in the past by her relatives after he attempted to resolve their differences, an eye witness reported.

“I saw him stab her, and when I asked, he told me that the woman was planning to dump him. He said the woman took her belongings, and when he followed her to her place, he was beaten up. He showed me the scars, and it was like he was revenging,” the eyewitness alleged.

Police officers from Juja Police Station arrived and arrested the suspect, who was bleeding and took him to the hospital.

The body of the deceased was moved to General Kago Funeral Home awaiting a postmortem.

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