Scientists Succeeds In Erasing HIV From Infected Particles

Scientists are now saying that they have succeeded in removing Human  Immunodeficiency Virus from the infected particles, using genetic editing of Crispr.

Crispr, which works as scissors had won the Nobel prize. However in the level of molecules, it cuts DNA so that ‘bad’ particles can be removed or be erased.

The Hope

The main hope is to eventually remove the virus from the body, though more work is needed, so as to establish whether it will be safe and efficient.

VVU drugs available can prevent the virus, but they can’t remove them.

A team from Amsterdam University, presenting a report of their results this week, insisted that their remaining work is  “prove of concept” alone, and it will not be the cure of VVU anytime soon.


Dk James Dixon, an assistant professor of Cell foundation technology and gene treatment in Nottingham University accepts the results, saying that accurate results are yet to be investigated.

“More work is required so as to show that the results in this cell test can be shown in the whole body in the treatment of the coming days,” he said.

Other scientists have tried to use the technology, with Excision BioTherapeutics saying that after 48 weeks, three VVU patients have no extreme destruction.

However, Dk Jonathan Stoye, a specialist from the Institute of Francis Crick in London said that removing VVU from all cells that can be able to store them I  the body is a ” Big challenge”

“Effects which are not targeted by the treatment, together with other long time effects remains anxiety,” said Jonathan.

“So, there is a possibility that many years will pass without Crispr treatment being normalised, even considering that it can be shown as good,” he adds.

Many people suffering from VVU needs long-term treatment with VVU painkillers. If they abandon these drugs, sleeping viruses may wake up and cause challenges again.

Also  few patients have been thought to have been “cured” after an extreme treatment of cancer deleting several infected cells, but this alone cannot be proposed to cure VVU.

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