Dj Joe Mfalme Issues Statenent Following Murder Of Police Officer

Dj Joe Mfalme  who is arguably the best Deejay in Kenya had issued a statement to clarify on a recent development where he is one of the key suspect in the killing of a police officer.

“Dj Joe Mfalme and his team have been in close collaboration with the investigative agencies since the occurence if the incident.

Dj Joe Mfalme and his team are fully commited to participating in the investigative procedure and will continue to extend their vooperation as may be required,” the statement reads in part.

The Dj and his team were arrested after the officer was allegedly beaten at night following an altercation.

In a viral video, the popular DJ is seen arrested and thrown into a vehicle as he tries to plead his innocence in the alleged killing of a policeman, Felix Kelian Otosi, who was a DCIO at Kabete Police Station.

The video captures Mfalme asking the officers to let him explain his case to their senior.

“Mkubwa ako wapi?” (Where is the boss?) The voice believed to be that Dj Joe is heard asking several times, as he tells police to allow him explain his innocence, but the officers laughed at him.

Joe had engaged in a confrontation between him and a policeman at Texas Barbeque on Saturday, March 16, at the entertainment spot in Kikuyu where the entertainer was playing music.

The Dj, his photographer, and his driver were later arrested after the policeman died following injuries, which he sustained on the night of 16th March.

How The Conflict Started

Inspector Felix reportedly scratched the Dj’s vehicle at a parking lot. Joe Mfalme, his bouncer, photographer and driver, are said to have quickly engaged in a physical confrontation with the officer.

The detective consequently sustained severe abdominal injuries and was rushed to the Nairobi West Hospital for treatment.

Unexpectedly, the officer, who had complained of abdominal pains, succumbed to the injuries, with medical reports suggesting that he had difficulties in urination.

DJ Joe and his aides are currently being held in police custody as investigations into the matter continue.

Kelian’s body is currently at the Umash Funeral Home in Mbagathi. An autopsy to establish the cause of death is being awaited as police reportedly  pursue more suspects, including a woman who was reportedly at the scene.

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