Dj Joe Mfalme Calls For Third Autopsy On Body Of Inspector Felix

The controversial death of Inspector Felix Kelian Kitosi, whom DJ Joe Mfalme and his close associates allegedly assaulted has taken another twist.

It’s alleged that there have been deliberate attempts to cover up the incident untill the officer passed on while undergoing treatment.

The said cover-up would continued on Saturday, March 23, when numerous post-mortem excercices were conducted on Kitosi’s body at Umash Mortuary.

Kitosi’s family however disputed the first test done by a government pathologist after it showed that he had an underlying condition that could have caused his demise.

A second post-mortem carried out by a police pathologist revealed that he died of sudden cardiovascular collapse and blunt abdominal trauma.

The final test showed that the officer died of a blunt abdominal trauma and traumatic injury to the bladder.

Disc Jockey Dj Mfalme has dismissed the results and has requested another autopsy to be conducted.

Nairobi Regional Criminal Investigations Officer Peter Njeru confirmed that further post-mortem exams would be carried out to reveal what killed Kitosi.

“More post-mortem exams will be done as requested by the family and the accused persons to ascertain what really happened. The accused will be arraigned at Kibera Law Courts today, and we shall seek to detain them longer so that we can conclude the investigations. We intend to charge them with murder,” Njeru asserted.

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