Kimangaru Family Seeks To Exhume Kin Disturbing Them With Spirits

A family in kimangaru , Manyatta constutuency wants the government to allow them to exhume the body of their late kin, identified as Mukami after tormentation by evil spirits.

Family Members in distress following attack by the evil spirits. PHOTO: CURTESY

The family members claims that since her burial in march this year , several domesticated animals have been mysteriously dying while others like goats and a cow were injured from cuts stabbed with knives.

Family Member Showing one of the animals injured by the evil spirits. PHOTO: CURTESY

Recently, the family says, their children could not go to school due to invasion of the harmful spirits.

“Our grandson left for school on Monday with his grandfather walking with him on his side only for his shoes to disapear mysteriously from his feet. Later in the evening we rescued him while he was tied with wires on his bed, when he went to school again on Tuesday he was stripped on his way and came back crying, then we had to stop him and two other kids in the family from going to school,” A family member said.

The family lays a blame on a lady from kithimu ward, whom they say had adopted the deceased for several years before returning her home in a casket.

Some of the family members navigating the grave of the fateful kin. PHOTO: CURTESY

They are now requesting that the body be exhumed and reburied in a public cemetery.

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