List Of Benefits Kenya Will Enjoy From Ruto’s US Visit

President Ruto’s state visit to USA has given hope for Kenyans, with a number of benefits set to be born by the new Kenya-US partneship signed by Presidents William Ruto and Joe Biden.

Kenya will benefit with over 600 billion worth of grants equipments and projects.

Below are some of the benefits Kenya will get from the US government:

Kenya’s President William Ruto(Sitting) and US president Joe Biden. PHOTO: CURTESY
  1. 3.2 Billion for Kenya Literacy Program for grade 1-3 children.
  2. 2. 2. ⁠16 helicopters to bolster regional peace & security,
  3. 291 Million to improve our prisons,
  4. ⁠924Million for the modernization and professionalization of the National Police Service.
  5. 5.2 Billion for Democracy, Human Rights & Governance programming.
  6. ⁠198 Million for support towards electoral reforms ahead of the 2027 elections.
  7. 561 Million for anticorruption initiatives.
  8. ⁠477 Billion for a 6 lane Dual Nairobi – Mombasa Carriageway that will reduce travel to 4.5 hours.
  9. ⁠22.8 Billion investment plan with Coca-cola, that will help generate over 3,000 jobs.
  10. ⁠Microsoft to invest over 130 Billion for AI models development and research including in Kiswahili language.
  11. KDF soldiers to be trained at US Military, Naval & Air force academies. ⁠
  12. The building of a 3 kilometer runway at Manda Bay airfield in Lamu.
  13. Provision of support to local universities and also Non Profit Organizations etc. The benefits far outweigh any other considerations.
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