Kenyan Who Tried To Climb Mt Everest Without Oxygen Found Dead

Cheruiyot Kirui who was a banker with KCB Group, attempted to climb earth’s highest mountain above sea level. A Romanian climber, on the same trip, was confirmed dead while Cheruiyot r went missing above 8000m.

Expedition organisers said Cheruiyot was in a quest to scale Mt. Everest without using supplemental Oxygen. Alongside his guide, they became untraceable a few metres below the summit point.

The Seven Summit Treks dispatched a rescue team to intensify search operations in a bid to locate Cheruiyot and was unfortunately found dead just below the summit.

In his last Instagram post, Kirui expressed that he knew the risks of climbing the mountain but his physical body was ready.

“Without oxygen, one is much more susceptible to frostbite. So I have a pair of heated gloves and heated mittens with a spare set of batteries,” he wrote.

Kirui suggested that he would carry emergency Nifedipine, since he was susceptible to HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema).

“For HACE, I have Dexamethasone and Acetazolamide,” he explained, adding that Manaslu had taught him what it means to have an episode with no meds.

As for oxygen, Kirui noted that Nawang Sherpa would ferry an emergency bottle of oxygen to be used if he collapsed. The same would be useful if he ran out of time, the weather became unfavourable, or his body reached its limit.

He had joked that he would have to declare bankruptcy when he landed back in Kenya, but he had his eyes set on achieving it.

Kirui promised to return to the forum and update his followers on how things turned out, but however, the sad news is that he did not make it out alive, as his body was found near the summit.

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