Why Family Of Kenyan Everest Climber Has Given Up Rescue Of His Body

The family of mountaineer Joshua Cheruiyot Kirui who died as he tried to climb to the peak of Mt. Everest on May 22 has said that the body will be left where the deceased died.

They said that this decision is accelerated by the cost of retrieval and the danger which may be posed to the rescue team.

Cheruiyot fell into a crack which is approximately 48 metres below the climax of the mountain, which is the tallest of all on earth.

Everest mountain is 8,848.86 metres tall, and, it gas been warned that retrieving his body from such height exposes the rescue team into an extreme danger.

The family further said that it’s not ready to endanger the lives of other people.

It’s estimated that about 200 bodies, out of 330 climbers who died in Mt Everest are still there.

It’s also estimated that the cost of Retrieving one body from the fateful part of the mountain, also known as the ‘death zone’, is Ksh.9 million.

The peak of Mt Everest. PHOTO: CURTESY

Eight peaople are supposed to climb and carry the body, in an event that the body has to be Retrieved.

For this reason, many families prefers to leave the bodies of their ‘heroes’ there.

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