How Mp Gitonga Mukunji Used Finance Bill To Make New Legacy

Manyatta Constituency Mp  John Gitonga Mukunji is one of the Kenyan lawmakers who have won the hearts of Kenyans after voting NO to the finance bill 2024.

Mp Gitonga Mukunji addressing The Parliament. PHOTO: CURTESY

Immediately after he boldly announced his stand in parliament, he was celebrated by members of parliament who were of the contrary opinion of the controversial bill.

The strategy he used, which perhaps founded his hallmark in his new political milestone was to engage his people in a ‘public opinion’ session on Facebook and Zoom.

The live session which was done on the night preceeding the voting date gave his audience a chance to give their views on whether to reject the bill or not.

Almost all those who gave opinions proposed that he reject the bill.

Mukunji also affirms that listening to his people was his greatest drive towards his decision which was rare to many Kenya Kwanza allies.

“Mimi sababu kubwa ya kupiga NO, ni sababu nilitembea na nikaskiza watu wangu. Nilikuwa wale watu, watu hawange-expect nitapiga No. Nilifanya mpaka online engagement, through my Facebook , Zoom, Tiktok, wakaniambia hawataki hii kitu,” Mukunji said.

President William Ruto disowned the bill and refused to sign it on Wednesday, June June 26 after listening to the voice of the people.

President William Ruto addressing the Nation of his conceding on finance bill 2024. PHOTO: CURTESY

The finance bill was hurriedly passed on Tuesday, amid public protests which saw demonstraters break into Parliament buildings, immediately after the session.

Mps were forced to scamper for safety, Mukunji explaining how he technically himself in the middle of protesters, so as not to be identified.

”When Gen Zs stormed Parliament, I took off my shirt and wore a coat to blend in and look like protestors in order to escape,” the lawmaker recalls.

Also, on the very day of Tuesday, the protesters stormed, attacked and looted property owned by Mps who voted in favour of the bill.

For example, Runyenjes constutuency Mp Karemba’s propery, including a supermarket were robbed off, after he voted YES.

Runyenjes Mp Muchangi Karemba. PHOTO: CURTESY

Kapsaret Mp Oscar Sudi’s Multimillion club was destroyed by protesters, leaving him in losses.

MP Oscar Sudi alongside his Tomba XO Club which was destroyed by protesters. PHOTO: TUKO.CO.KE

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