Jackton Odhiambo Confesses He Killed Edwin Chiloba Over Cheating In Their Marriage

Jackton Odhiambo who confessed to killing Chiloba/ Photo: Curtesy 

Jackton Odhiambo who has been the main suspect in the murder of model Edwin Chiloba, has confessed to killing the model over allegations that he cheated on him.

Langas OCPD John Odhiambo revealed that Jackton executed the murder with the help of his two friends who are at the run.

Jackton said that he murdered Chiloba as revenge for betraying him in their one year relationship. The two have been living as husband and wife.

Edwin Chiloba and Jackton Odhiambo/ Image: Curtesy

Odhiambo who had been staying with Chiloba for a period of one year in Eldoret was arrested on Friday as the main suspect in the murder.

Chiloba’s caretaker Alex Nyamwea says that Jackton Odhiambo called him using Chiloba’s phone on January 4, 2023, informing him that he was vacating the house they had rented, and Even vacated the house immediately.

Police officers are now iginvestigating a possible love triangle after Jackton confessed that he was driven to commit the murder after finding out Chiloba had another lover.

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