List Of Top KCSE Candidates

Alliance Girls school captain has scored an A of 84 points; with straight As in all 7 subjects.

Alliance Girls Captain Who attained Grade A Plain. Photo: Curtesy

Robert Carlos of Mbita High School, Kairu Vincent Kinyua of Mang’u High School, emerged as top students  all getting grade A plain with 84 points each.

Others with 84 points includes; Kemboy Allan Kipkkorir of Kapsabet Boys, Samie David Sentet from Mang’u High School, Koech Kimutai Vic from Alliance High school, Issac Mgambi from Langalanga Secondary school, Mwapahe Moses Chengo from Alliance High school, Mwaniki Winnie Abigail from Mary Hill High school, and Gitimbu Franklin Koome of Kitui High school.

Nelly Karimi from Kimachia Secondary School  in Tigania West was also among the candidates who scored grade A in the 2022 KCSE.

1,146 candidates attained a mean grade of A, compared to 1,138 in the year 2021.

The statistics of the examinations results are as follows;

A- (Minus): 6,407 candidates [1,962 – female and 4,445- male]

B+ (Plus): 15,682 candidates [6,104 – female and 9,578 – male]

B (Plain): 31,303 candidates [13,520 – female and 17,783 – male]

B- (Minus): 48,719 candidates [21,474 – female and 27,245 – male]

C+ (Plus): 70,088 candidates [33,138 – female and 36,950 – male]

C (Plain): 95,154 candidates [49,191 – female and 45,963 – male]

C- (Minus): 119,068 candidates [62,599 – female and 56,469 – male]

D+ (Plus): 135,021 candidates [70,238 – female and 64,783 – male]

D (Plain): 155,480 candidates [79,935 – female and 75,545 – male]

D- (Minus): 167,758 candidates [84, 075 – female and 83,683 – male]

E Grade: 30,882 candidates [12,760 – female and 18,062 – male]

190 candidates with special needs obtained an overall grade of C + (Plus) and above.

Individual candidate results can be accessed by sending the candidate’s full index number followed by the initials ‘KCSE’ to SMS to 20076.

Issac Mgambi who scored grade A. Photo: Curtesy
Nelly Karimi from Kimachia Secondary School who attained Grade A.         Photo: Curtesy
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