New Details Emerges That Edwin Chiloba Was Sent Ksh 5m By Suitor Before Death

According to  latest reports, Edwin Chiloba is believed to have received KSh 5 million from abroad, and the mony was sent by a suitor who was presumably seeking Chiloba’s hand in love.

Jackton Odhiambo who was Chiloba’s close friend, and with whom he had an affair, reportedly fell out with him after learning the deceased planned to cheat on him with the overseas suitor.

Edwin Chiloba (Standing) and Jackton Odhiambo (seated)

Further details claims that the taxi man hired to transport the body was paid KSh 25,000. The above would bring a fresh twist into the matter, as it was believed initially that the deceased was cornered in his house in Eldoret before being killed.

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