Thugs Invades Cs Jumwa’s Home Steals Ksh1.1M Jewellery

Police officers have launched investigations of a robbery incident that occurred on Wednesday afternoon at Public Service Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa’s Loresho home.

The incident which happened at around 1:45 pm when Jumwa was away on an official duty, was reported by one of the officers attached to Jumwa’s security detail.

A police reports that a gang of three men armed with crude weapons entered the compound by cutting the electric perimeter wall and gained access to the main house through the back door which was not locked.

The report booked under on number 3/15/02/2023 stated that the gang entered the house and went directly to the master bedroom upstairs where they ransacked the bedroom and stole gold jewellery and two laptops.

Then they went to the bedroom where her two daughters were sleeping and robbed them of Sh1.1 million, three mobile phones and jewellery of unknown value.

AldoOne of the daughters sustained slight injuries during the incident.

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