Man Who Died In Dj Fatxo’s Apartment Might Have Been Sexually Assulted, Fresh Details Emerges

Mugithi star Lawrence Ngugi, also known as Dj Fatxo has said that  he is willing to cooperate with detectives in the investigations of murder of Geoffrey Mwathi.

His lawyer Charles Mugane who spoke to local media said that so far, the artiste has honoured summons before the investigating officer since the incident which occurred on February 22, 2023.

“My client is cooperating with the ongoing investigations. He has appeared for summons since the death of Geoffrey,” Mugane said.

He  at the same time sent a condolence message to Mwathi’s family, saying the situation was “difficult on his client as well as his friends”.

“To Jeff’s family, we want to send our condolences. This is a difficult matter for my client and his friends, in the end, the truth will become clear,” he added.

Mwathi, who was an interior decorator, died after jumping from Fatxo’s Redwood apartment on the 10th floor along Thika road after partying together, a police statement recorded by the DJ Fatxo’s cousin and driver at the Kasarani Police Station indicates.

This was after the two had met through a referral.

The apartment’s CCTV footage captured Mwathi with DJ Fatxo and three other unidentified women going to the DJ’s apartment around 3 am before another man who is the DJ’s relative joined them later in the night.

At 4 am, the DJ was captured leaving the apartment with the three women. Mwathi remained behind with the two men.

Later, two men would be seen surveying the apartment’s parking lot and his cousin was seen making calls before returning to the apartment.

About seven minutes later, Mwathi fell from the apartment.

His uncle Muchoki Mwathi disclosed that he had his pants pulled down to his knees at the time of his death.

However, It’s unclear if he was sexually assaulted before his death since his autopsy which was carried out after 72 hours had elapsed.

DJ Fatxo has maintained that Mwathi jumped to his death but his family has dismissed.

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