My Son Did Not Commit Suicide, Father Of Man Who Died At Dj Fatxo’s House Says

Hannah Wacuka is now crying for justice for his son, Jeff Mwathi who, under unclear circumstances died after falling from the 10th floor of Dj Fatxo’s building along Thika road.

Hannah says that they were frequently in touch with her son until the moment his phone went off.

“We used to talk a lot. We were friends, there’s nothing he’d hide from me,” Hannah said.

Peter Kirumba, Mwathi’s father, says he wants justice for his son.

“My son had not attempted to die by suicide in 2019 as alleged. They are lying,”  Kirumba said.

Jeff was to leave the country to further his studies this month.

“Huyo mtoto alikuwa mnyenyekevu. Ukiangalia age ya Dj na age ya Mwathi, hiyo si age watapelekana club nne usiku mmoja. Naona vile alikuwa anamtembeza apoteze muda ili atimize alichotaka,” Teresia Nyokabi, Mwathi’s grandmother said.

The family has called upon DCI officers to process their investigations fast.

Reports show the victim had spent the day with the popular DJ.

“I have met with DJ Fatxo, and we are now along Kiambu road. He wanted me to design his shop, and we will talk about money tomorrow so that I can get started,” Mwathi had reportedly said.

He also sent his mother several videos from his day with Fatxo up until the last video he sent while at the DJ’s apartment moments before his death.

A CCTV footage also revealed that Fatxo, Mwathi, and three ladies went to his apartment after spending time together at three different clubs.

According to Mwathi’s uncle, Fatxo and the three ladies left the house at around 4 am leaving Jeff in the house with two other men.

“The two men also left the house and went down to the parking, and looked over. Fatxo’s cousin was also seen making a call, and then Jeff fell from the 10th floor,” said Mwathi’s uncle.

The family is demanding justice, saying their son did not show any thoughts of harming himself, as the police were told.

According to the police report,  Dj Fatxo had reported saying  that Mwathi jumped from an open window of his bedroom.

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